2. i love you, computer


  3. two original dust goggles in sleeves, some repro duty glasses, an original m42, some 9mm casings, model pzkpfws, and a roo


  4. For the VR fiends out there-


    Deskope, a project by AngelJ on the Oculus Developer forums. Stereoscopicizes Windows to work with your VR viewer of DIY or retail choice with enough tweaking.

    Posted via Tumblr on the Rift!



  6. So i’ve got a 5$ plastic Double Eagle brand C96, or M32

    mauser either way, so I made it a stock/box with the limited supplies I have.

    Cardboard/foam construction, but its sturdy enough and the gun fits snugly. It also holds the longer magazine in the handle. I later want to make a better one of these, but for now am gonna keep it housed in this one.

    Also, modelled it after a NES Zapper cause I didnt have the mauser until after summer.


  7. Pickups this summer


  8. Flyin back to the Arabia in a day or two

    see you guys on the other side of time


  9. spruce goose museum

    more planes!

    (Source: abstractemporium)


  10. abstractemporium:

    Spruce Goose Evergreen Museum

    more planes, planes and planes


  11. abstractemporium:

    Engineering is worth it.

    Okey pictures.

    reblogging for aviation day

    my photos from the Spruce Goose Museum


  12. Aviation day, you say?

    Kick it into gear and get behind that yolk….


  13. Seattle and such


  14. The process of Lego-ing

    Ice-crawler arctic set, which really caught my eye, enough for me to buy it and take it across the Atlantic (in a day)