2. Chromatic Aberration 


  3. I think its a joke

    theres no way 99,999 other people from Qatar went to the same weak political-pseudointellectual-humour site that I got clickbaited into.

    Or maybe there is.


  4. simple


    maybe even stupid


  5. The Disney film The Black Hole, released in 1979, initially was to have a LP soundtrack release, but the special thing about it was they wanted to fill it with multicoloured liquid oils, so as you listened to the record, the oil would move, and look really unique and sci-fi, just like the black hole transition near the end of the film.

    Unfortunately, even though the original time of writing and development of the film fell before the other sci-fi giants, it was completed too far ahead of other hits like 2001: A Space Oddysey, and Star Wars IV, A New Hope, so the marketing and ‘creative directors’ of the film suggested tweaking the end result a little bit. The outcome of this was what felt like an amalgamation of three films, with some lighthearted and silly parts and cute talking R2D2-esque robots, to some near hard-science segments that dont last too long, to a deep existential-philosophical-meaning of life, giving the film some very, very complex and dark tones, that and it’s mystery-thriller tones as well, the latter two producing its PG rating, something new for the time, and the first Disney film to be rated as PG.

    All of these complications ended up in the film not being as successful as it could have been, and the production costs and defect possibility was too high for these “liquid disks”, so in the end, a normal soundtrack pressing was produced and the movie faded out of the limelight.

    However, as of recent, after the success of the Tron Legacy reboot, there are reports of Disney wanting to refresh the Black Hole film, possibly meaning an excellent new film fixing the flaws of the first and sorting out what went wrong, maybe even a reconsideration on the production of a special liquid vinyl disc, just like the special LP releases of the Tron Legacy soundtrack. However, these reports are all from before Disney’s purchase of the Star Wars/Lucasarts IP, so personally I feel the chance of Black Hole Redux or whathaveyou getting swept under the rug and caught in development hell extremely high, as the initial goal was to create a Disney Star Wars, and Disney ultimately reaching this goal defeats the initial purpose.

    We’ll have to wait and see I guess,

    A similar film to look at instead of this, would be The Starlost, as maybe noone’s paying attention to this, and some crafty Hollywoodian will pick it up and do something with it.



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  8. looks like i’ve amalgamated a huge amount of STALKERs here

    Good hunting, comrades! 


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